NeedS Of The Corrupt Outweigh Needs Of The Innocent

Irrefutable proof, (collectively assembled by tenacious private investigators, veteran fingerprint experts, crime scene analysts, and a team of forensic data recovery specialists), establish that former Pittsfield Massachusetts police detective James Casey and his colleague, crime scene investigator Mark Trapani, knowingly and willingly committed the following offenses: (1) Violation of department protocol, (2) Misleading police officials, (3) Fabrication and false documentation of evidence, (4) Doctoring police records, (4) Providing false information to the district attorney, (5) Illegal destruction of exculpatory evidence, (5) Perjury during a superior court trial.

All of this transpired during a fallacious 2005 criminal investigation that, through a series of inane circumstances, encompassed me.

At the time, I was a 42-year-old individual — hard working, well respected, civicly recognized, who possessed no criminal history.

I’d fallen victim to a pair of rouge cops . . . Unscrupulous members of law enforcement who felt special, above the law, exempt from the moral and ethical code that governs law enforcement. As a result, I rotted in prison for eight long years, languishing behind bars while Casey and Trapani rose steadily through the ranks. With everything taken from me, I died a little each day as they laughed at the inept legal system that bolstered their careers.

In the years that followed, my family fell under the amusingly misguided perception that justice would be served. They assumed our gathered information, (pages upon pages, amassed during the eight years I sat in a prison cell), would not only guarantee a retrial, it would facilitate a comprehensive investigation of Pittsfield’s corrupt police department. Turns out, my family couldn’t have been more wrong!

You see, Massachusetts has an inane law: The presiding judge in a superior court trial automatically assumes sole responsibility for granting or denying a motion for new trial. My judge is the infamous Daniel Ford, a miscreant who fell under public scrutiny and was aggressively investigated for heinous misconduct perpetrated while working as a prosecutor. Misconduct that ultimately resulted in the death of an innocent man.

As a prominent Boston attorney once told me: “Allowing a judge to revisit his or her own case, for the purpose of identifying improprieties, is cruel at best.”  The law allows depraved judges like Daniel Ford to tuck away newly discovered exculpatory evidence, sweep corrupt police activity under the rug, and forever conceal misconduct that he committed during the initial trial.

Ford knows it would take all of fifteen minutes for me to secure an acquittal during a retrial. Then, at considerable expense to taxpayers, virtually every criminal case involving either James Casey or Mark Trapani would need to be reopened and thoroughly investigated. Lord knows how many individuals have been wrongfully convicted at the hands of Casey and Trapani, all while the highly touted police chief Michael Wynn aided in the coverup. Not that he’s ever illegally covered up anything!

So Ford felt he had no choice but to deny my retrial, opting instead to hide the goings on within Pittsfield’s police department. So, I’ll once again offer the following challenge to District Attorney David Capeless: Allow me a retrial with a courtroom full of newspaper reporters. I want reporters from every newspaper possible. If I’m found guilty — remember, I now possess a boatload of irrefutable evidence that didn’t exist during my first sham of a trial — then I’ll serve a second eight-year state prison term. But if I’m found not guilty then I want the entire Pittsfield Police Department comprehensively investigated by an outside entity. I’m talking, every rock turned over to see what odious spirochete crawls out.

What are you afraid of?

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