Ode To Pittsfield

Welcome to the city of Pittsfield
With a police force that’s truly insane
An agency fraught with corruption
Where malfeasance yields personal gain

Such flagrant abuse of authority
They are bolden to no one at all
Self-righteous and over-empowered
Nothing can breech their blue wall

If scandal was something that hovered
If misconduct was something that flew
Their station could serve as a runway
With each cop making up the aircrew

For years I sat rotting in prison
All due to this pestilent team
The rest of my life is in shambles
Malignity is part of their scheme

A paradigm of civic dishonor
From traffic cop up to the chief
I’ll mention a few of the blameful
But the list as a whole isn’t brief

Let’s start with detective James Casey
Who began his career as a youth
Ascended the ranks with delusion
Quite a poseur but never a sleuth

His cases were solved without merit
Through deception and egregious lies
He’d invent or he’d fabricate evidence
All a part of his crime fighting guise

Quite often he’d falsify records
And he’d generate specious reports
Mendacity used to get warrants
A ruse for deceiving the courts

He arrested me late in the evening
Wielded handcuffs and drove me to jail
I was booked and advised of the charges
Then a magistrate let me post bail

How in the hell did this happen
I’d no record or felonious past
Deep within fires of turpitude
Malignancy by Casey was cast

Well into the evening I pondered
An ordeal that just didn’t make sense
The victim of a detective’s depravity
It was time that I mount a defense

The first step was get information
Locate records regarding the crimes
Then figure out how they involved me
Time to focus on dates and the times

Quite suddenly I spotted a pattern
The crimes occurred while I was home
No way did I break laws in Pittsfield
When from Richmond I never did roam

They happened on dates I was busy
On my computer eight miles away
Emails and projects could prove it
Of this fact to police I’d convey

Establishing my innocence was easy
My computer held all of the proof
Time-stamps stored deep in the hard drive
Would confirm the arrest was a goof

Casey got wind of my evidence
And it gave him a terrible fright
He’d arrested the wrong individual
My alibi was completely airtight

Handled in true Pittsfield fashion
Rogue actions that hinged on abhorrent
Detectives ascended the property
Without authority and devoid of a warrant

My computer was abducted illegally
Smuggled far deep in their station
Police never spoke of its existence
Nor did they divulge its location

Never acknowledged as evidence
It was never intended for court
Well hidden from the district attorney
No mention of it in a report

The police stole my computer covertly
Due to motive that’s barely conceivable
They sought to destroy all the data
Thus making my alibi unretrievable

The unit was ravaged quite recklessly
Many settings were randomly changed
Empty files were secretly added
And the hard drive configs rearranged

With registry chronology scrambled
No data could be used for my case
How convenient for unlawful officials
Nights in question I could never retrace

I was powerless now without alibi
And the city’s police were at fault
Their actions concealed during trial
Kept private was the computer assault

Weeks later while sitting in prison
An attorney was called to intercede
She planned on retrieving my computer
To expose the nefarious deed

On the day she attempted to get it
Pittsfield cops said the unit was lost
The attorney knew well they were lying
And she’d prove it regardless of cost

For weeks she engaged in a battle
Till finally the police had to fold
The computer was “found” in a closet
Or at least that’s the tale that they told

The computer was whisked to an expert
Who compiled a six-page report
He proved I was victim of sabatoge
Unfortunately it was too late for court

Our expert went over procedures
In regard to how computers are checked
He explained how police did the opposite
To ensure that my hard drive got wrecked

Everyone knows Casey’s guilty
At trial red-handed he was caught
But Daniel Ford quickly gave him protection
As a judge he’s too easily bought

The D.A. Of course he did nothing
Not so much as a slap on the wrist
Thanks to Jame’s Casey’s transgressions
My fate would then take quite a twist

Detectives like Casey are ruthless
Merely outlaws with badges and suits
Another is named Mark Trapani
With whom Casey remained in cahoots

The week I was arrested by Casey
Mark Trapani was stuck on a case
He’d proven unable to solve it
A debacle he just couldn’t face

The failure put a chink in his ego
But he soon came up with a plan
Trapani couldn’t catch the real culprit
So he’d state that I was the man

After all I had just been arrested
And most likely I’d be locked away
Trapani saw this as opportunity
Resolve a case any which way

To do so required fake evidence
Bogus fingerprints would easily do
He’d claim they were found at the crime scene
They’d believe him before he was through

But Pittsfield is bound to procedures
From arrest straight through to the trial
Fingerprints are processed via scanner
So that AFIS can add to their file

One way to beat such a protocol
Is to feign a malfunctioning scanner
Then process my prints via ink roll
Even though it’s an outdated manner

The night Casey took me in handcuffs
My fingerprints faced alteration
First created suspiciously by ink roll
Then scanned after I’d left the station

Trapani now had what he needed
Spare prints for a fraudulent ploy
He’d call them the latents he lifted
Very useful as a trial decoy

The slime ball then got me indicted
In a case that was never legit
His evidence duped a grand jury
Thus insuring they’d never acquit

At trial he declared I was guilty
For some havoc I never did wreak
Despite having nothing for evidence
Proceedings dragged on for a week

Trapani gave considerable testimony
But suspiciously he didn’t bring proof
He said there were crime scene photos
But they’d vanished and went away… poof

So there I was sweating through trial
As Trapani touted prints he’d retrieved
But no photos existed to corroborate
He simply hoped everyone would believe

The truth is he never found evidence
There never was miraculous discovery
That’s why he couldn’t produce photos
To authenticate latent print recovery

But he figured no jury would doubt him
Wouldn’t question how I’d been arrested
After all he’s a crime scene investigator
Just like God he cannot be contested

Trapani had covered the bases
But as a perjurer he wasn’t quite done
There still was a hole in his narrative
All lies were out except for just one

The problem was a matter of timing
He wasn’t present in either arrest
So testimony regarding analysis
Was pure fiction to which he’d attest

On the stand he conveyed quite a story
Claimed he printed me the night I was booked
But his name doesn’t appear on the roster
A large detail he completely overlooked

At no place is Trapani’s name present
Not on third shift or second or first
So obviously he didn’t get fingerprints
As a prevaricator that man is the worst

How could he have possibly printed me
On a date when he wasn’t at work
I’ve a list of the three shifts in question
All compliments of a police payroll clerk

Despite all the lies and the stories
He was able to fool the whole crowd
In the end I was sadly found guilty
Its quite easy when lies are allowed

A smile each time that he perjured
On the stand he was smug and reserved
But transcripts recorded his testimony
Now forever his lies are preserved

Months later we hired two experts
Private gumshoes who proved to be wise
They discovered the truths about Trapani
Turns out his whole character’s a guise

At trial he had no credentials
His testimony was nothing but sham
He never attended fingerprint school
For his job there had been no exam

He’d proven deficient in forensics
Unfamiliar with science techniques
His training had merely been classes
He’d attended for just a few weeks

He hadn’t yet earned certification
No licensing assigned from the state
He’d recently just been a patrolman
Yet this man was in charge of my fate

The jury was duped with vernacular
Just an act of verbose regurgitation
Stuff he’d memorized out of a book
Or a pamphlet he’d found at the station

James Casey is now a state trooper
Mark Trapani is captain at rank
Deceit and corruption will pay off
It’s Pittsfield the two have to thank

At trial many cops were subpoenaed
Among them detective John Gray
He tried to evade damning questions
In regard to police foul play

Gray found himself in a dilemma
Under oath there could only be facts
He couldn’t provide honest answers
Without attesting to criminal acts

His colleagues were guilty of rigging
They stole records once stored in my file
With these items conveniently missing
Detectives could maneuver the trial

Details defining my innocence
Simply vanished without any clue
And Gray said he hadn’t an inkling
Of the when or the why or the who

Such flagrant corruption is heinous
It’s an issue for internal affairs
But no one was ever investigated
Because In Pittsfield nobody cares

We mustn’t forget Captain Mullins
An administrator with passion unbridled
A master at withholding public records
He doesn’t care that we’re legally entitled

Who knows all the things that he’s hiding
Improprieties that we’ll never learn
Coverups descend from the top down
But in Pittsfield that’s not a concern

The cops in this town have immunity
So they function as rogue as can be
This fact isn’t foreign to mayors
Truth be told I’ve solicited three

Ruberto, Bianchi, and Tyer
Civic leaders entrusted to serve
A trio who shrugged off corruption
They’re just mice who haven’t the nerve

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