Corrupt Massachusetts Judges

Massachusetts has an inane law: The presiding judge in a superior court trial automatically assumes sole responsibility for granting or denying motions for a new trial.  A prominent Boston attorney once told me, “This law is cruel at best, affording depraved judges opportunity to tuck away newly discovered exculpatory evidence, sweep police malfeasance under the rug, and forever conceal improprieties he or she may have committed while on the bench.”

Subsequent to my wrongful conviction, family members retained the services of two private investigators; one of whom is a former Connecticut state trooper. Working in conjunction with a crime scene specialist, a veteran fingerprint expert, and a forensic data recovery specialist, the investigators assembled more than sufficient evidence to not only secure a retrial, but also have members of the Pittsfield Police Department investigated for illicit activity.

Berkshire County Superior court judge Daniel Ford was provided with irrefutable documentation confirming the following:
(1) Forged documents, created by members of the Pittsfield Police Department
(2) False information submitted to the district attorney by Pittsfield police detectives
(3) Intentional breach of chain of custody to destroy exculpatory case file evidence
(4) Altering of fingerprint evidence by a Pittsfield police crime scene investigator
(5) Coverup of illegally procured electronic equipment, known to contain my alibi
(6) Destruction and feigned loss of illegally procured electronic equipment
(7) Courtroom perjury

Not only did Judge Ford protect a corrupt law enforcement entity by denying two motions for a new trial, he promptly forwarded the information to Pittsfield police administration to warn them of the documentation in my possession.

While working as a prosecutor, Daniel Ford knowingly and willfully sent an innocent man to prison for life. That man is now dead, the result of contracting AIDS after being raped and beaten more than thirty times over the course of two decades. While this man languished in prison, Daniel Ford was rewarded with a Superior Court judgeship that he holds today.

Each day when Judge Daniel Ford ambles down the hallowed halls of the Pittsfield Massachusetts superior court building, everyone smiles and dutifully addresses him as “Your Honor.” What is so honorable about a man who gained national attention by engaging in serious misconduct and open bigotry to win a conviction?  Since when does an individual attain honor by leading a corrupt prosecution that ruined an innocent young man’s life?

Daniel Ford is indicative of the Massachusetts legal structure; a deeply flawed system that relies on a prosecutorial honor code as its only safeguard. But there is no honor when the guardians of justice become the perveyors of injustice. Honor cannot exist in courtroom environments where ill-gotten convictions produce rewards and abuse comes without penalty.

I should know…

I was once an innocent man…

Daniel Ford is a godsend to Pittsfield Massachusetts police detectives. Does anyone imagine for one second that a judge who harbors such low moral fiber would bat an eye at such corrupt police practices as lying to a grand jury, making false statements within a police report, destroying exculpatory evidence, fabricating incriminating evidence, or courtroom perjury?

I should know…

I was once an innocent man…

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