There’s a standing joke in our household that whenever one of us is blamed for something, we toss our hands skyward in mock exasperation and quip: “I didn’t do it…I’ve been Trapanied”.

This is gallows humor, a coping mechanism, an attempt to diffuse the devastation my family suffers everyday thanks to Mark B. Trapani, an unscrupulous member of an even more unscrupulous Pittsfield Massachusetts police department. A man whose complete disregard for common police procedures and protocols is reprehensible. In 2007, at the hands of this pseudo investigator, I was wrongly sentenced to eight years in state prison for a crime perpetrated while I was two towns away with evidence to prove it.

But when that evidence is illegally seized and tampered with…

In 2009, from the bowels of my prison cell, I submitted to Pittsfield Mayor James Ruberto a chronological reiteration of Trapani’s improprieties; along with those committed by detective James Casey and officer Dale Eason. The matter was promptly swept under the rug. But I refused to give up. I contacted Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and forwarded irrefutable evidence that members of the Pittsfield Police Department knowingly and willfully manipulated “evidence” and “facts” to make it appear as if they’d miraculously wrapped up a four-month-old unsolved sexual assault case.

Unfortunately, Coakley had no interest in probing into police corruption. She was laser-focused on her personal agenda, campaigning against republican Scott Brown for the coveted Senate seat that Ted Kennedy held for 47 years. Coakley lost miserably. Four years later she would go on to lose her bid for governor, defeated by Charlie Baker.

In 2012 James Ruberto was replaced by Daniel Bianchi. I thought perhaps a fresh mayor would delve into the underpinnings of a troubled police force. I was wrong. Functioning with impunity, Pittsfield law enforcement continued its unethical practices. Now Linda Tyer is at the mayoral helm. And guess what? Pittsfield police corruption worsens everyday. Three regimes…no change.

Amid this debacle – a miscarriage of justice spanning one decade – gun slinger Mark Trapani has steadily risen through the ranks of law enforcement. According to various Berkshire Eagle newspaper articles: In 2012 Trapani held the rank of Sergeant. On March 24, 2015 he was appointed to permanent full-time Lieutenant. On August 29, 2016 Trapani was promoted to Captain. So where is the motivation for Pittsfield law enforcement to act with honor and dignity?

Within the Pittsfield Massachusetts police department, malfeasance breeds reward!

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