Master of Puppets

Gullibility:  A failure of social intelligence in which a person is easily tricked or manipulated into a misguided course of action.

Credulity:  A readiness or willingness to believe or trust too readily, especially without proper or adequate evidence.

Classes of people especially vulnerable to gullibility and credulity include children, the elderly, those with developmental disabilities, and the entire Pittsfield Massachusetts Police Department. In children, gullibility and credulity are cute. In the elderly and developmentally disabled, gullibility and credulity are unfortunate facts of life. Within law enforcement, gullibility and credulity are deeply flawed character traits.

Pittsfield detectives are especially susceptible to impoverished thinking…swallowing information naively and completely without asking common sense questions regarding its reliability or factual basis. They have a marked tendency to become easily convinced by details that bear little validity, or even no validity at all, as long as the information fits into their irrational notions. Such counterfactual thinking not only makes them shortsighted, it renders them dangerous.

I fell victim to the gullibility and credulity of Pittsfield detectives firsthand by way of a convicted felon who manipulated them like a puppet master.  Marrionettes dancing on strings, the sleuths mindlessly followed a trail of bread crumbs, oblivious that they were being played. The felon to whom I’m referring – a man who served over a decade in prison for robbing homes in Pittsfield and surrounding towns – duped detectives into arresting me in regard to incidents that were later proven to have never occurred.  Imagine, a gaggle of law enforcement idiots, drooling over fabricated evidence and facts strategically spoon fed by of all people a career criminal. Your tax dollars at work!

The fiasco began when I had the ex convict picked up by Pittsfield police and held for questioning. He’d been terrorizing a female friend of mine for months while detectives sat around with their thumbs in their butts, ignoring her repeated pleas for police intervention. (Read my April 19, 2016 blog post titled Wrong Priorities).  During their half-hearted interrogation detectives managed to divulge my name and address.  The felon was then released, no legal charges pending.

As the felon nonchalantly strolled from the police station, armed with my identity, he formulated a plan to seek retribution.

The rest is history…

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