Pittsfield Doesn’t Win With Wynn

According to a recent Berkshire Eagle newspaper article, Pittsfield police officer Dale Eason has been fired after being found responsible for multiple misconduct charges. In the article Pittsfield police chief Michael Wynn states: “The city of Pittsfield and the Pittsfield Police Department take any and all acts of police misconduct by our personnel extremely seriously. Service as a police officer requires a high degree of public trust. On those rare occasions, as is the case here, that trust is violated, severe sanctions must be imposed.”

Where was Wynn’s concern for police misconduct on August 14, 2008 when Pittsfield cops smashed down the door to Joseph and Debra Simonetta’s home?  Where was his concern as the couple was being terrorized, merely because they had refused to relinquish custody of their granddaughter after Department of Children and Families workers arrived unannounced without a court order authorizing them to remove the child?  Wynn wasn’t worried about violating public trust as his goon squad placed Joseph Simonetta in a choke-hold, spraying him in the face with pepper spray.  Wynn talks about imposing sanctions, why were no sanctions imposed after a series of knee-strikes were delivered to Debra Simonetta’s groin, or when a police psycho body slammed the Simonetta’s daughter Joline to the ground, dragging her by shackled arms, going so far as to point a weapon in her face?  Wynn never issued a formal apology, yet he claims to be an advocate for public trust?


What happened to Wynn’s concern for police misconduct on June 25, 2015 when two Pittsfield police officers (One of them Dale Eason) mistakenly barged into the wrong home and offended 88-year-old  Phyllis Stankiewicz?  As the little old lady stood holding a paring knife, she had been peeling apples to make applesauce, the dynamic duo became pysical, restraining her, eventually hauling the poor woman off to jail.  During the subsequent investigation Wynn made no attempt to mend public trust.


Where was Wynn’s concern for police misconduct in July of 2015 when a purported hard drive failure conveniently destroyed an undisclosed number of police records and evidence?  Had it not been for random chance, no one outside of the Pittsfield Police Department would have ever known about the incident. Wynn intentionally withheld this information, jeopardizing the right to a fair trial for an unknown number of people.  As he was busy orchestrating the coverup, how concerned over public trust could he have been?

According to Wynn, the hard drive issues were first reported internally on June 22nd. Wynn was eventually forced to admit that the police didn’t inform the DA’s office until July 13, which means the police waited a full three weeks before informing prosecutors about the potential evidentiary issue.


Does Wynn really think he can fool us by feigning concern over misconduct within his police department?  Are we to actually believe that he strives to preserve public trust?  Wynn has consistently proven to be a supercilious individual who harbors an insouciant attitude and disingenuous disposition.

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