Architects of Injustice

When law enforcement willfully and intentionally falsifies official records, they’re doing so in connection with a broader criminal aim.

Case in point: In an attempt to conceal one particular fraudulent criminal investigation, someone within the Pittsfield Massachusetts Police Department created bogus attendance rosters; doctoring the names. The forged documents were discovered due to a huge blunder made by the culprit. The rosters are dated February 23, 2005 through March 1, 2005, a period in which Anthony Reillo was chief of the Pittsfield Police Department. In fact, Reillo was police chief from from 1996 until November 30, 2007. But the forged rosters inexplicably list Michael Wynn as police chief, a position he didn’t attain until 2009.

Through the Freedom of Information Act, the 2005 rosters were requested in order to capture the shifts/hours worked by three individuals: Detective James Casey, Investigator Mark Trapani, and Investigator James Stimpson; key players in an illicit criminal investigation. Aspects of the rosters establish that Trapani, under pressure to wrap up a four-month-old unsolved sexual assault case, fabricated narratives he knew to be completely false. A Springfield Massachusetts criminal defense team was planning to expose Trapani, thus necessitating the attendance rosters.

In 2010, despite legal ramifications, a written request for the rosters went ignored by police administration. Hiding something?  After a second request was ignored, legal proceedings ensued forcing police to relinquish the seven rosters they’d tried so desperately to hide. In a last ditch effort to conceal information, someone gained access into the police department’s computer system and obtained seven rosters from 2010. The date headings were appropriately changed to make the rosters appear as if they’d been generated on February 23rd through March 1st of 2005.  All information pertaining to Casey, Trapani, and Stimpson was completely erased from the rosters as if the three individuals never existed. But in the culprit’s haste he failed to notice that because the fake documents were doctored from 2010 paperwork, Michael Wynn is listed as police chief.

According to the forged rosters: On Thursday, February 24, 2005 Chief Michael Wynn was the shift commander from 0800 hours to 1600 hours. Chief Wynn is listed again working 0800 hours to 1600 hours on Friday, February 25, 2005, He’s listed again on Saturday, February 26, 2005, and yet again on Sunday, February 27, 2005. On Monday, February 28, 2005 Chief Wynn worked overtime, from 0630 hours to 1700 hours, for the purpose of school/training.  This is a neat trick considering Anthony Reillo was Pittsfield’s police chief at the time.

Oops.  If you’re going to falsify official records, at least get the details correct!

I possess a stack of dated/signed legal documents (e.g., Applications for Criminal Complaint, Temporary Arrest Warrants, Arrest Reports, memos submitted to Chief Reillo, photo array cover sheets, court transcript excerpts) establishing that Casey, Trapani, and Stimpson were on duty and quite busy from February 23, 2005 through March 1, 2005.  Yet their names vanished from the corresponding attendance rosters.  Each cashed a Pittsfield Police Department paycheck that week, how is this possible if they don’t exist?

Only someone with proper clearance and authority could have accessed the police department computer and forged records.  This establishes that corruption and cover up within the Pittsfield Police Department extends to the administrative level. So those empowered to arrest anyone who commits forgery are themselves the most heinous of forgers.  The worst part…no disciplinary action will ever ensue.

Below is a link to the doctored attendance rosters.

Attendance Roster PPD February 23 through March 1 2005





One thought on “Architects of Injustice

  1. Word has it, Anthony Reillo had been busted long ago trafficking drugs on the German/Austrian Border. He was also sent down to one on the most corrupt towns on Cape Cod to be ‘chief’ (Falmouth) from 2009-2013. Read the book; “WHEN EVIL RULES”. They’re all CORRUPT from TOP to Bottom, Federal, State, County and Local. It’s a DEBACLE waiting for the coming second REVOLUTION. Your story was most impressive and believe me WE thoroughly understand your rage. KARMA is a BITCH that all will reap.

    Christa Worthington – MA “HIT” – 3 of 5 Videos


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